5 Reasons You Won’t Want to Miss End Heroin BHAM 2020

February 29th is quickly approaching which means END HEROIN BHAM 2020 is just around the corner. This year’s outing will be our fourth annual event which has given us the opportunity to ensure it’ll be a worthwhile experience for attendees and vendors. Below, we detail five reasons why you won’t want to miss END HEROIN BHAM 2020 on February 29th at 10:00 AM:

1. For the Cause

In 2017, an estimated 1.7 million people in the United States suffered from substance use disorders related to prescription opioid pain relievers.1 There are even more who struggle with addictions to alcohol and other drugs. This event is an outlet for people affected by the substance abuse epidemic to come together as a community, connect with fellows in grief, and reaffirm our commitment to finding solutions to the crisis. By supporting this event, you support our efforts to Prevent Addiction and END ADDICTION once and for all.

2. Share Your Story

Every year, we are inspired by the stories from people across Alabama and humbled by their willingness to share. You, too, can share your struggles and triumphs using the hashtag #EndHeroinBHAM or by going to our Facebook page. Of course, by attending EHB, you are encouraged to share your stories with the other attendees. We also have boards for pictures of those who lost their fight but inspire the event.

3. Free NARCAN Training

NARCAN, or Naloxone, is an emergency treatment to treat narcotic overdose. At EHB this year, attendees can receive free training on how to recognize the signs of narcotic overdose and administer NARCAN. The training includes a free NARCAN kit, valued at $130 dollars. With this free training, attendees will be prepared to save a life when disaster strikes.

4. Music and Exercise

We are excited to be joined by Magic 96’s Rob Conrad, our EHB 2020 Emcee. While this event is for an important cause, we also want people to have fun together and make happy memories. There will be music and a non-competitive walk through the scenic Veterans Park in Hoover, perfect for those fitness New Year’s Resolutions.

5. Food Trucks

What better way to enjoy an event than to get some food! Food trucks from some of Birmingham’s favorites will be in attendance. Whether you like flavored Coffees or something heartier, there will be plenty of options for those feeling peckish.   

Because this year’s event falls on a leap year, you have the chance to spend your extra day of the year doing something meaningful and fulfilling. We hope to see your face at Veterans Park on February 29th at 10:00 AM. You can find more information about registration here. Join us in our mission to END HEROIN BHAM!

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