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Awareness communicates information about substance use disorder, helps break the stigma of getting help early, and offers hope that recovery is possible. Awareness is the first step to invoking change.

Defining the Need


Addiction, the severe form of a Substance Use Disorder (SUD), is a chronic, relapsing brain disease that is characterized by compulsive substance-seeking and use despite harmful consequences. This can ultimately lead to a change in how the brain functions and are diagnosed by assessing cognitive, behavioral, and psychological symptoms.

How Big is the Problem?

With the Opioid epidemic and the rise in vaping, the substance use disorder problem is far from being solved.


 According to the CDC, 10.6% of persons aged 12 years and over reported use of an illicit drug in 2016.


More than 70,200 Americans died from drug overdoses in 2017, including illicit drugs and prescription opioids – a two-fold increase in a decade. 


Use in vaping devices among 12th graders increased to 37% in 2018, up from 27% in 2017. 


Only 10% of those addicted receive treatment 

1 in 7 people will face substance use disorder.


But there is good news!

Substance use disorders are preventable and treatable. Recovery is possible! Advancements have been made in assessments, treatment, recovery supports, and medications. Remaining in treatment for an adequate period of time is critical, and long-term recovery support is often needed.

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Mike VestStudents

90% of Americans with a substance use disorder began using before the age of 18. It is of the upmost importance that prevention begins with students. By equipping students, they are able to cultivate a positive influence toward their peers in their schools, far more than parents or teachers are able to. Learn More

Carie WimberlyPrevention Parenting

Information is power and is intended to educate, connect, and inspire. The information empowers parents to be proactive in their prevention tactics. Learn More

Carie WimberlyPrevention Partners

Customizable, evidence-informed, prevention seminars for the workplaces, school administrations, athletic coaching staffs and other community organization. Learn More

Our vision is to prevent substance abuse and relapse by inspiring and educating people to live with hope, resilience and purpose.

Prevention is a multifaceted approach to stopping people from developing a substance use disorder through early intervention, education, and positive reinforcement. It is difficult to reach these goals without help and being proactive in the fight against addiction. APC focuses our efforts to informing the public and connecting those in need to the right resources.

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Prevention at Work

Youth Advisory Council (YAC)

YAC is comprised of passionate and dedicated student leaders from each of our INFOCUS chapters, who wish to advocate for and educate their peers. These students attend monthly leadership meetings and attend a extensive annual summer training in Columbus, Ohio, 

Early Intervention

APC is in the Dupuy Alternative school using the ARISE evidence-based curriculum. We also collaborate with UAB Beacon Adolescent Recovery to offer assessment and outpatient services to students who has been identified as having a substance use or abuse disorder. 

Positive Action EBP

Positive Action is a model evidence based program that is focused on social-emotional learning. The curriculum helps build resilience, develop life skills, and promote healthy choices.. We are currently implementing this program in elementary schools. 


Birmingham Coalition

The coalition consists of 12 sector representatives. The sectors that are represented range from community members, law enforcement, faith based, schools, youth, and etc.  These committed volunteers meet regularly to discuss environmental changes to prevent and reduce substance abuse among youth. The work is centered around Jackson-Olin, Carver, and Wenonah High Schools. 

INFOCUS Student Chapters 

Peer led student chapters in area high schools that discuss the catalyst issues that may lead to substance use and abuse. The students also plan awareness events in their schools and communities


 Help is Here…

Birmingham Crisis Center Hotline: 205-323-7777

Recovery Resource Center: 205-458-3377

UTALK Line: 205-328-5465 (Text or Talk)

Recovery Organization of Support Specialists: 205-848-2112

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 800-273-TALK (8255)

Tobacco Cessation Quitline: 1-800-QUIT-NOW

App Resources: There are easy accessible tools that are available at a touch that can help you reach recovery and help. The best part about all of these is that they are free! 

Prevention Partners

Prevention Partners is an educational program that provides wellness and prevention offerings to protect employees, educators, and members of the community from moving toward substance use disorder and rather toward wholistic health and recovery. You can find this in these main areas: 

Addiction impacts workplaces and businesses all around the country. In a business of 500 people, there are likely over 50 alcoholics, more than 30 with other substance use problems, and many more with compulsive mental health issues. In addition to higher absenteeism and lower job productivity and performance, substance use disorders also lead to greater health care expenses. Management is in a unique position to have a positive impact on their employee’s lives and careers by providing a prevention and recovery friendly workplace. This, in turn, will have a positive impact on the business’ bottom line.

In addition, in the seminars we provide valuable prevention information for parents, caregivers, educators and coaches. Tools and strategy tips from Pre-K through college age to give our children every chance to choose to stay drug and alcohol free during their formative years.

For all attendees, a discussion about and an Information Package containing tons of follow up information as well as a comprehensive list of local resources is provided.

Through evidence-based education we can prevent addiction and protect our communities.

Includes information about:

  • Overview of substance use epidemic
  • Exploring our own health consciousness
  • Understand substance use disorder
  • What is Prevention?
  • Toolbox for parents and other caregivers
  • How do I talk to someone I am concerned about?
  • What are the resources in our area?

For more information about Prevention Partner Seminars, click HERE


Addiction Prevention Coalition provides value to the community by reducing the stigma surrounding addiction, preventing it where we can, and helping those seeking recovery. By connecting with us, you will gain access to these tools and opportunities that have the power to change lives.

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