Jeremy’s Story

Twenty years of an aching desire for opioids had finally taken their toll on Jeremy. He felt far away from the life he used to know, stranded alone on a dark world. Another failed relationship. Another payday spent on drugs. Another lost job. Another hit. Another. Another. His family had gone, along with his art and music. The drugs were all consuming, chipping away parts of his life until finally, at rock bottom, Jeremy had nothing left to lose.

On August 25, 2017, Jeremy entered The Foundry with the help of his sister. Jeremy did not expect to find much help but devoted this small glimmer of hope into rebuilding himself, filling the shell that had be degraded by years of abuse. In his sessions with World Exit Ministries, Jeremy found his confidence again. He found insight into his mistakes and salvation to guide his new path. His passion for art, again, beat like a war drum to carry his feet forward. Like all those who struggle, he has things to mend and time to make-up, but now he has his sobriety. He can sing in the car again and count his blessings. Another and another.

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