Our vision is to prevent substance abuse and relapse by inspiring and educating people to live with hope, resilience and purpose.

Prevention is a multifaceted approach to stopping people from developing a substance use disorder through early intervention, education, and positive reinforcement. It is difficult to reach these goals without help and being proactive in the fight against addiction. APC focuses our efforts to informing the public and connecting those in need to the right resources.

Prevention at Work

Mike VestStudents

90% of Americans with a substance use disorder began using before the age of 18. It is of the upmost importance that prevention begins with students. By equipping students, they are able to cultivate a positive influence toward their peers in their schools, far more than parents or teachers are able to. Learn More

Carie WimberlyPrevention Parenting

Information is power and is intended to educate, connect, and inspire. The information empowers parents to be proactive in their prevention tactics. Learn More

Carie WimberlyPrevention Partners

Customizable, evidence-informed, prevention seminars for the workplaces, school administrations, athletic coaching staffs and other community organization. Learn More

Prevention Partners

A program that provides wellness and prevention offerings to protect employees, educators, children, and members of the community from moving toward addiction and rather toward wholistic health and recovery. You can find this in these main areas: 


Addiction impacts workplaces and businesses all around the country. In a business of 500 people, there are likely over 50 alcoholics, more than 30 with other substance use problems, and many more with compulsive mental health issues. In addition to higher absenteeism and lower job productivity and performance, substance use disorders also lead to greater health care expenses. Management is in a unique position to have a positive impact on their employee’s lives and careers by providing a prevention and recovery friendly workplace. This, in turn, will have a positive impact on the business’ bottom line.


In addition, in the seminars we provide valuable prevention information for parents, caregivers, educators and coaches. Tools and strategy tips from Pre-K through college age to give our children every chance to choose to stay drug and alcohol free during their formative years.


For all attendees, a discussion about and an Information Package containing tons of follow up information as well as a comprehensive list of local resources is provided.

Through evidence-based education we can prevent addiction and protect our communities.

Includes information about:
  • Overview of substance use epidemic
  • Exploring our own health consciousness
  • Understand substance use disorder
  • What is Prevention?
  • Toolbox for parents and other caregivers
  • How do I talk to someone I am concerned about?
  • What are the resources in our area?

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