Recovery Story: Mark Litvine

“I wasn’t a bad person trying to get good. I was a sick person trying to get well.”

Mark Litvine is a person in long term recovery. If you have never heard Mark’s story, this is a must watch for you. From mental health diagnoses and self-medicating, to a felony and jail time, to eventually finding a path to recovery and serving others, this is a story of hope and love.

Mark Litvine is the Director of Marketing at ROSS. The Recovery Organization of Support Specialists (R.O.S.S.) seeks to further develop and advance the role of Recovery Support within the community while promoting the right of self-determination and personal responsibility in individuals pursuing recovery. Their mission is to advocate, empower and collaborate for any individual seeking recovery. They have locations in Birmingham, Montgomery and Boaz. Learn more at or at 844-307-1760.

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