Student Initiatives

The risks facing youth today from drugs, alcohol, and emotional issues are affecting millions of students and they are not equipped to deal with these adult issues.  APC attempts to meet students where they are.

APC’s goal is to educate students, empower them to educate their fellow students and create opportunities for leadership development and healthy engagement in their communities.

INFOCUS Student Chapters – Peer-led student chapters in 15 High Schools dealing with the catalyst issues that lead to addiction.  The students also lead Prevention Activities in their schools and neighborhoods as well as Community Service projects.

Social and Emotional Learning – Research supports that social and emotional learning (SEL) has positive effects on students of diverse backgrounds. SEL helps empower students with the skills needed to make responsible decisions and handle difficult situations, including exposure to alcohol or other drugs. Example skills include: understanding and managing emotions, achieving positive goals, showing empathy for others, and making responsible decisions. APC currently has SEL trials in schools in Birmingham City area.

Early Intervention – APC is currently in Dupuy Alternative School using Evidence-based curriculum and partnering with UAB Beacon Recovery as they provide student assessment and outpatient services to these students.

Youth Advisory Council – YAC is comprised of passionate and dedicated students from each of our INFOCUS chapters, who wish to advocate for and educate their peers.  They attend monthly leadership meetings and a yearly retreat for training and development.

FOCUS Rally – All YAC members are invited and encouraged to attend our Leadership Rally in the Fall, led by the FOCUS Organization.  We also have students that help lead Breakout sessions at this Rally.

Youth-to-Youth Leadership Conference – Nationally, Youth to Youth is the recognized leader for engaging youth in positive change.  APC takes leaders from the YAC group to the Youth to Youth Conference in Central Ohio each summer for training and leadership development.

Community Service – Each INFOCUS Student Chapters are trained and encouraged to plan and execute community service projects where they invite their fellow students to take part in.

Ambassador Program – APC Volunteers are trained and deployed in the High Schools to support, lead and encourage the INFOCUS Student Chapters.

Birmingham Coalition – The Birmingham Coaltion is a group of engaged community volunteers that meet every other month to plan and implement local prevention campaigns. They support the work of the INFOCUS Student Programs and study the communities to figure out what environmental changes are needed as well as education opportunities for Parents and Workplaces.

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Addiction Prevention Coalition Student Initiatives

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