This is Quitting: The First Text-to-Quit Vaping Service

Even though fewer people are smoking traditional cigarettes, vaping using e-cigarettes is more popular than ever before. In 2019, approximately 27.5% of high school students used vape products, and nearly 1 million youth e-cigarette users use their vapes on a daily basis.[1]

The average vape delivers more nicotine per puff than the average cigarette, making it easy to get addicted to vaping quickly. Youth nicotine use is highly addictive and can be harmful to adolescent brain development, and studies show that young people who use e-cigarettes may be more likely to smoke cigarettes in the future.[2]

The vaping epidemic is taking a serious toll on the lives of American youth, but there are free, evidence-based resources available to help teens quit vaping. One of these resources is the Truth Initiative’s This is Quitting service, the first text-to-quit vaping program of its kind.

What is This is Quitting?

This is Quitting is a 24/7 support network available via text. It was developed using things Truth Initiative learned from their other cigarette-quitting program, BecomeAnEx, and the professional experience of people who specialize in helping people stop smoking or vaping. When you sign up for the text service, you will receive tips and suggestions for quitting vaping.

According to the Truth Initiative website, “It’s super easy, completely free, and available 24-7 to help with cravings, stresses, and slips.” The service has helped more than 500,000 young people during their quitting vaping journey and claims that more than two-thirds of users are able to cut back or quit vaping entirely within two weeks.

You can sign up anytime by visiting or texting DITCHVAPE to 88709.

How Does This is Quitting Work?

When you text 88709 for the first time, you’ll get an instant reply asking you to respond with your age so they can send you the best, most age-appropriate advice. Then, you will be asked to text the date that you want to quit or the last day that you vaped.

This is Quitting isn’t only for people who are sure they want to quit vaping–it’s also for people who are curious about quitting. If you’re not sure when you want to stop, simply respond “IDK,” and you’ll continue receiving custom advice for you.

You can change your quit date at any time by responding “RESET” or “MORETIME”, so your decision isn’t set in stone. With this service, there is no pressure–only support.

Next, This is Quitting will ask you a series of questions so they can better adjust their recommendations for you. Some questions they may ask include:

  • How many days out of the past 30 days have you vaped?
  • How confident do you feel about quitting?
  • What flavors do you use?
  • What device do you use?

Once you’re done answering questions (which takes less than a minute), you’ll receive your first personalized tip for quitting vaping. Each day you’ll receive customized tips, advice, and inspiration. You will also receive a list of a few keywords that you can text if you need an extra boost of inspiration at any time throughout the day.

As you proceed with quitting, you’ll be asked how your progress is going so the service can continue sending you individualized texts based on your situation and goals.

Why is Text-to-Quit so Effective?

Many teens do not want to speak up and ask their parents for help when it comes to quitting vaping, especially if their parents don’t know that they vape in the first place. Not only that, but there is a stigma associated with speaking to a counselor, going to the doctor, or getting treatment for any kind of addiction.

Text-to-quit services are highly effective at attracting people who are embarrassed or ashamed about their vaping habit. More than half of children in the US have a smartphone by the age of 11, and 84% of all teenagers have their own phones with text message access.[3] Teens can text This is Quitting discreetly, without their parents, teachers, friends, or family finding out, making it more likely that they will seek help and quit vaping. All messages are 100% anonymous. They don’t even ask you for your name.

This is Quitting is also available at all hours of the day. Whether it’s late at night and you’re craving a hit off your vape or it’s the first thing in the morning, you can text the number and get support.
Alabama’s Partnership with Truth Initiative’s This Is Quitting Campaign
The Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH) has a continuing partnership with the Truth Initiative’s This is Quitting campaign. Alabama residents who want to quit vaping can text “VAPEFREEAL” to 88709 to receive quitting assistance that is customized for Alabama users. We encourage you to get started today!



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