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My name is Tyler and I am a believer who struggles with addictive behaviors. I grew up in a Christian family and we were church goers for all things church. Youth groups, Weds night dinners and teachings and, of course, Church retreats. I have no excuse for falling away as I did and spending 23 years in active addiction. I was and athlete and played all sports and lettered in 2 varsity sports in High School. I liked the attention it gave me. I also was an attention seeker. I still struggle with that. One of the things that led me to was following a crowd of people I thought were cool. They were also rebels and at that time called Hippies! Weed was the main thing they used to get high and I tried it. It led to other things to experiment with and I did. I eventually went to college and used a different and easier to obtain drug in alcohol. It led me to being arrested and nearly kicked out of school. 

I did eventually graduate and moved to a sales job where money was decent, and drugs were easy to get. I fell in to that crowd again. I was a successful salesman for many years. The drugs finally took over my life and it led me to losing everything I had. As I look back, I can now see that is what I truly needed to become the man I am now. Broken and pieced back together with the help of Jesus and recovery. Recovery led me to Christ and worship and a lifestyle that is so much more fulfilling than hiding from the law and living in the dark with no hope or money to turn on the lights. 

I found Celebrate Recovery in 2004 and have never looked back. I am grateful for the program that has allow me and so many families an opportunity to mend and grow back into the unit God has intended the family to be. 

Today I celebrate 24 years of sobriety and am continuing my journey in recovery in many ways. As an Alabama Celebrate Recovery state rep and Team Lead I am involved in many CR programs in the state. I am also a dedicated resource and volunteer to the Addiction Prevention Coalition and believer in their pursuit of “PREVENTION “ in this same arena. I believe in staying involved to not only help the future of Celebrate Recovery and recovery in general but as a concerned citizen of Alabama, and the United States. To have any affect on my own personal growth I must stay connected.

I have been knitted back stronger because of the true healing Jesus promises and gives. He came to free the captives. Not just from jails but from the bondage of our minds and given new freedoms we had never experienced living without him.  I can do anything through Christ that strengthens me! That is a promise I stand on. I can and do walk with Him each day in freedom from addiction and many of the hurts and habits that kept me from knowing him and what love really is.

I find my Peace in the Peace Maker himself. He is my friend.

Thanks for letting me share.

Tyler Currier
Alabama CR State Rep 

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