What are Wine Wands and are They Dangerous?

As soon as you think you are up to date on the latest trend people are using to get drunk quickly or to cure their hangover, a new fad pops into the headlines. You’ve heard of wine decanters and aerators to make your wine taste better. You’ve also heard of quick-fix hangover cures like taking the “hair of the dog.” But you probably haven’t heard of this new wine accessory–wine wands.

Wine wands are supposed to help prevent hangovers, but how do they work? Are they actually effective? Or, are they just a gimmick that could make people believe they can drink more than they really should without feeling sick the next day? Here is everything you need to know about wine wands.


What are Wine Wands?

All types of alcohol can leave you with a hangover, but wines, particularly red wines, are infamous for causing head-throbbing hangovers the next morning. Whether you’re someone who struggles with alcoholism or someone who binge drinks with their friends on the weekends, you’ve probably found yourself wishing that there was something you could do to prevent your hangover. Wine wands promise to do just that–but are they really worth the hype.

PureWine, a company out of Texas, has patented a “nano-pore resin technology” that supposedly removes the sulfite preservatives and histamines found in wine.[1] Sulfite preservatives and histamines are the two components in wine that lead to flushed skin, congestion, headaches, and hangovers during and after drinking. The company claims that by “purifying” your wine, you can enjoy wine without having a hangover.

How do Wine Wands Work?

Wine wands are basically a filter that is placed in a glass of wine. They are often designed in pretty colors with decorative handles to appeal to women. The wand is a single-use technology that is meant to be stirred into a six-ounce glass of wine for three minutes. Three minutes is supposed to be long enough to remove histamines and sulfites without affecting the taste of the wine.

Are Wine Wands Legit?

While wine wands may be able to remove sulfites and histamines from wine, they fail to remove the number one ingredient that contributes to hangovers. That ingredient is alcohol.

According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, the causes of hangover symptoms are a result of how ethanol (alcohol) affects the body. Ethanol causes dehydration, poor sleep, stomach problems, inflammation, and mini-withdrawal.[2] These symptoms are what cause hangovers–not because your wine has sulfites and histamines in them.

If you don’t drink alcohol, you won’t get a hangover. But, if you drink enough alcohol, even when using a wine wand, you’re still going to end up with a hangover.

There are a few other problems with this revolutionary tool. They claim to be environmentally friendly because they are made from BPA-Free plastic, but each wand is single-use only.[1] You have to throw away the wand after you use it. Even if it is biodegradable, it takes quite a bit of time for these plastics to break down. Not only that, but the wands

usually come in a box or are wrapped in plastic. The truth is, single-use plastics of any kind can harm the environment, so it’s more environmentally friendly to just not use the wand at all. Studies even suggest BPA-free products, although different, are not necessarily better.[3]


Instead, try having a glass of water in between each glass of wine that you have. You’ll be hydrating your body and not hurting the environment. Plus, drinking water is always the best way to prevent a hangover.

Furthermore, alcohol is a known carcinogen. Drinking alcohol increases the risk of many types of cancer such as mouth and throat cancer, esophagus cancer, breast cancer, liver cancer, and more.[4] If you were really worried about exposing your body to carcinogens, you’d look for alcohol-free drinking options–not a wine wand.

Potential Dangers of Wine Wands

Wine wands are not only NOT a good way to prevent hangovers, but they can actually provide drinkers with a false sense of security, ultimately causing them to drink more. Think about it. Have you ever gone out drinking and thought to yourself, “even though I really want another drink, I better stop drinking now so I don’t get a hangover”? If so, you’re not alone.

Many people who still have control over their drinking will avoid drinking too much so they don’t get sick the next day. However, if you use a wine wand, you may feel like you will be OK if you have another glass of wine because the wand is protecting you from a hangover. This thought process can contribute to dangerous drinking patterns, such as binge drinking. Truthfully, no matter what precautions you take, you will get a hangover if you drink too much alcohol.

Ultimately, wine wands are just a cop-out that encourages people to drink more while lining the pockets of companies who benefit from exploiting individuals with alcohol problems. Our best advice? Leave the wine wands on the shelves, drink in moderation, have a glass of water for every alcoholic beverage you have, and never drink on an empty stomach. And, if you struggle with alcoholism, don’t hesitate to reach out for help.


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