Child Neglect/Abuse

6 in 10 people account having a traumatic event in their childhood which can later result in increased vulnerability to substance use, violence, mental illness, or other health issues. These Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) can be seen in the form of violence, abuse, neglect, or having a family member attempt or die by suicide. Additionally, a child’s environment plays a large role in the trauma they experience. Such catalysts are substance use in the home, instability of parents or a family member, and mental health issues. If you experience or have observed any such violence or neglect, do not hesitate to take action.

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Help Lines:

Recovery Resource Center: (205) 458-3377

SAMHSA Treatment Referral Hotline: 1(800) 662-4357

Recovery Organization of Support Specialists: (205) 848-2112

Suicide Prevention Helpline: 988

HRSA National Maternal Mental Health Hotline: 1-833-943-5746


Alabama’s Hotline: (1-800) 422-4453 /(1-800)4-A-CHILD

Child Help Hotline:

List of hotlines for each state:

How to Help youth at risk:

Adverse Childhood Experiences:

Preventing Adverse Childhood Experiences:

Drug Endangered Children:

About Child Abuse:

Child Abuse Prevention:

Report child abuse and neglect to your county DHR:

National Alliance for Drug Endangered Children:

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