Pursuing freedom & healing from addiction. At all costs.

Reneka Thomas
"I have chosen to be substance free because I care about my mental and physical health. I want to be able to inspire others to do and feel the same.”
Philip Martin
"The reason I joined INFOCUS was because I saw how things like vaping, drug abuse, and nicotine was effecting my school and I really wanted to do something about it."
Lei'Lani Thomas
"The reason I stay substance free is so that I can have a long purposeful life and be here for my love ones."
Keleiloa Thomas
“I joined this group to learn about the importance of staying away from drugs and to create new bonds with others.”
Amaya Coker
"Joining this program allowed me to spread positivity and awareness about the dangers of drug use while also being a positive role model for those that are without one."


In the pursuit of prevention in our community, APC seeks to eliminate stigma and substance use in adolescents by cultivating healthy conversations and enabling students to make healthy choices. This equipping can lead to greater resilience and positive peer to peer intervention. Through these initiatives, these students are becoming community leaders and courageously joining us in the fight against substance use.

Peer led student chapters in area high schools that discuss the catalyst issues that may lead to substance use and abuse. The students also plan awareness events in their schools and communities.

YAC is composed of passionate and dedicated student leaders from each of our INFOCUS chapters, who wish to advocate for and educate their peers. These students attend monthly leadership meetings and attend an extensive annual summer training in Columbus, Ohio.

APC is in the Dupuy Alternative school using the ARISE evidence-based curriculum. We also collaborate with UAB Beacon Adolescent Recovery to offer assessment and outpatient services to students who has been identified as having a substance use or abuse disorder.

This is for teens to use to help a friend. The course must be offered to an entire grade level or youth serving organization. Teen MHFA is for 10th-12th graders. There is also a parent informational session that can be facilitated before the program.

  • For more information on INFOCUS for Bham City, Jefferson or Shelby Counties, contact Raven Johnson
  • To learn more about FOCUS groups in any other county in the State, visit FOCUS
  • If you are interested in Teen Mental Health First Aid, contact Abi Famurewa
  • For additional inquiries or information, contact Raven Johnson

Student Resources

Birmingham Crisis Center Hotline: 205-323-7777

Recovery Resource Center: 205-458-3377

UTALK Line: 205-328-5465 (Text or Talk)

Recovery Organization of Support Specialists: 205-848-2112

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 800-273-TALK (8255)

Tobacco Cessation Quitline: 1-800-QUIT-NOW

Adolescent Health Center Children’s of Alabama: 205-638-9231

App Resources: There are easy accessible tools that are available at a touch that can help you reach recovery and help. The best part about all of these is that they are free!

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