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December 2019

Alternative recovery methods

Alternative Recovery Methods: How to Know What’s Right for You

If you or a loved one is in recovery for an addiction, you may be hearing a lot of buzz about alternative treatments. From acupuncture to hallucinogens, the addiction treatment community is always looking for new ways to cure addiction. But are any of these therapies right for you or the person who is seeking treatment? Read on to find out more about alternative addiction recovery therapies, ways to supplement treatment, and what really works.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Everything You Need to Know About Medication-Assisted Treatment

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) is a highly controversial topic amongst individuals in recovery as well as medical professionals. When choosing the most appropriate substance abuse treatment program, patients should remain vigilant and educate themselves. Addiction recovery is not a “one size fits all” path. One method of treating substance use disorder may be effective for one …

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Have you Ever Thought?

Have you ever thought about how amazing it is that you were born into the time frame that you were, in the United States, into the region and family that you were, and then how a few happenstances along the way changed the entire trajectory of your life? Think, for instance, about how you met your best friend or your spouse, or maybe the unusual circumstances that led you to your profession.

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