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January 2022

Why Won’t They Stop: Understanding Addiction

Almost all of us know someone suffering with addiction, but are confused about why some people are particularly vulnerable to the disease. Discover the “why” so you can develop an understanding of the issues and the interventions.   Hear directly from a person in long term recovery about their experience and what was helpful and not helpful.’  by Bronwyn McInturff Register here

Intro to Strategic Prevention Framework

The Strategic Prevention Framework is a dynamic, data-driven planning process that prevention practitioners can use to understand and more effectively address the substance abuse and related mental health problems facing their communities. In this training, you will learn how to plan and implement prevention programs. Register Here

How Smoking and Vaping in Media Influence Youth Tobacco Use

A new study released by the Truth Initiative reveals that the majority of young peoples’ top-watched TV shows and movies feature smoking, vaping, and other tobacco-related imagery. The report states that nearly 60% of young people’s top streaming and broadcast season releases featured smoking. Nearly 27 million youth were exposed to this tobacco imagery.[1] Movies …

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How Families Can Support Loved Ones in Recovery

More than 23 million Americans have struggled with drug abuse at some point in their lives and more than 14.5 million have an alcohol use disorder.[1,2] Each and every one of these individuals has family, friends, or other loved ones who have been deeply affected by their substance abuse. Sadly, very few people who struggle …

How Families Can Support Loved Ones in Recovery Read More »

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