February 2019

Addiction Prevention Coalition - Jeremy Story

Jeremy’s Story

Twenty years of an aching desire for opioids had finally taken their toll on Jeremy. He felt far away from the life he used to know, stranded alone on a dark world. Another failed relationship. Another payday spent on drugs. Another lost job. Another hit. Another. Another. His family had gone, along with his art […]

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Addiction Prevention Coalition - Kathy Story

Kathy’s Story

Kathy knows intimately the bondage of addiction, what it’s like to sleep with her car keys and purse under her pillow; and to remove her son’s bedroom door from its hinges.  She knows shame, guilt; and rearview mirror thinking.  She has met chaos and the feeling of isolation. Her story illustrates the web that addiction

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Addiction Prevention Coalition - Cassie Story

Cassie’s Story

Cassie sat in her cell, humming a Matchbox Twenty song, tapping her toes against the stone wall. When she hears “Unwell” on the radio, she is immediately taken back to a wild crowd, thumping music, and a bottle of Loritabs dropped by a fan on crutches. Cassie was introduced to drugs the way many teens

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