January 2020

End Heroin Walk Birmingham

5 Reasons You Won’t Want to Miss End Heroin BHAM 2020

February 29th is quickly approaching which means END HEROIN BHAM 2020 is just around the corner. This year’s outing will be our fourth annual event which has given us the opportunity to ensure it’ll be a worthwhile experience for attendees and vendors. Below, we detail five reasons why you won’t want to miss END HEROIN BHAM 2020 on February 29th at 10:00 AM:

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Rainer's Story

Rainer’s Story

If on the morning of June 20, 2016 you would have told me that in the three years that followed I would lose two of the men I loved the most to heroin overdoses I NEVER would have believed you. But unfortunately that is exactly what happened. On June 20, 2016 at around 10:35 pm

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