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Sad mom

Grieving a Child lost to Addiction

“To surrender to one’s own grief and become actively engaged in it requires tremendous courage. This courage is vastly different from showing a cheerful face to our friends when we are hurting. Real courage is owning up to the fact

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Drug overdose

Drug Overdose: A Chilling Problem Across the Nation

International Overdose Awareness Day is held each year on August 31st to help spread awareness around overdoses and reduce the stigma that surrounds drug overdose fatalities. Drug overdoses are tragic occurrences that happen far too frequently, leaving friends and families devastated.

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Learning to Laugh

When we begin our journey in recovery, we come in feeling broken, alone, and beaten down. We have removed the drugs and alcohol from our

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Addiction is a Mirror

Jay Lloyd, a counselor with The Center for Executive Leadership, has over 30 years of experience guiding individuals and families. He began his career helping

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