Our vision is to prevent substance abuse and relapse by inspiring and educating people to live with hope, resilience and purpose.

Prevention is a multifaceted approach accomplished through early intervention, education, and positive reinforcement. APC focuses our efforts on students, parents and workplaces / athletics.

Mike VestStudents


90% of Americans with a substance use disorder began using before the age of 18. It is of the upmost importance that prevention begins with students. By equipping students, they are able to cultivate a positive influence toward their peers in their schools, far more than parents or teachers are able to. Learn More

Carie WimberlyParents


Information is power and is intended to educate, connect, and inspire. The information empowers parents to be proactive in their prevention tactics. Learn More

Carie WimberlyWorkplaces


Customizable, evidence-informed, prevention seminars for the workplaces, school administrations, athletic coaching staffs and other community organization. Learn More

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