Scrolling into Shadows

March 5, 2024

5:30 PM CST


Link :
Scrolling into Shadows

Join us for this holistic discussion keeping the protection of our children at the forefront. We will discuss the psycho-social emotional issues our children are facing due to unrestricted constant device time. Parents will get an unfiltered look at what their children have access to online, as well as who has access to them. Predator activity in relation to sex trafficking and sextortion will be discussed, specifically how it occurs and how it can be prevented. Addiction / binge issues in relation to devices, gaming and social media, how drugs are now being sold to our children online, and how our children have access to these drugs will be covered. Finally, we will discuss what we can do specifically to protect our kids.

About Our Speaker : Kristi Bush
A national education consultant, social media safety advocate, teen and family coach, Kristi Bush is a licensed social worker with greater than 20 years of clinical practice and healthcare experience. Educated at Troy University and Auburn University, Kristi travels nationally and has worked with over 100,000 children, parents, professionals and organizations about the benefits of and threats associated with social media.

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